Are you one of those people who dread the summers? You are not a fan of hot, sunny days and you would love to flee to a stunning, cooler place. We can totally relate! It’s time for a vacation.
The Harpa Concert Hall may not be your first port of call in Reykjavik but it should be on your itinerary. This beautiful building is impossible to avoid as you walk along the harbour.
One of the most beautiful treks in the world! From Lanmanlaugar to Throsmörk The first day the view offers an incredible spectrum of colours. If you want to sleep in the huts, you must book them very far in advance. Sleeping in tents is also possible.  
A Summer Trip in the Westfjords of Iceland
An awesome trip I took last year to the Westfjords of
Red Thumbs of Iceland
In July, Natalia and I traveled to

There are so many journeys I am still dreaming of, but this one I know, will always be one of the most meaningful ones to me.

My passion about Iceland has grown over the years. It all started with a thing for fairies.

The mystical beauty, rich Nordic folklore, and maritime past of Scandinavia fascinates me, so much in fact, that I was willing to forego backpacking through much warmer climates in favor of exploring the land of the Vikings at the onset of winter. 


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