After nearly three decades since the Berlin Wall came down as unexpectedly as it went up, there is surprisingly very little that remains in physical of the Wall today. 
Moving to Berlin, as with any country abroad, can be expensive and stressful, not to mention a bit lonely, and perhaps even boring when you’re new in town.  At least that was my own experience.
This one was particularly hard to capture as there were tourists everywhere! Eventually we got this beautiful shot of the Brandenburg Gate at night-time, well worth the wait.  
Free Walking Tour - What to Do in Berlin in Winter
Videographer Greg Snell takes us on a historical and cultural free walking tour of a snow
Discovering Berlin on a Nice Winter Day
Recently Greg took a weekend trip to Berlin, Germany and wanted to put together a short vid highl

I booked my reservation over a month ago and I’m about to miss it.

Finally, my driver locates the cross-streets. I throw a fistful of Euros at him and scurry down the road to unsicht-Bar, Berlin’s “blind restaurant”.


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