When you travel to France, you probably will visit Paris. You should see more!
If you are a girl and are traveling alone for an adventure, there is a list of do’s and don’ts you might find helpful.
After a wet and windy landing in Paris, the clouds cleared in time for sunset! Not bad for a very first evening in the City of Light.....  
The nightlife of this place is a mix of traditional cafes, nightclubs and bars. Bar hopping is a good place to start, dancing like Salsa is also in order. Clubs like Sans Sanz has mostly the cosmopolitan crowd that hits the weekend.
Bonjour Paris - A Hyper-Lapse Film in 4K
Tyler Fairbank spent two weeks in Paris in the summer exploring the city and capturing many of th
Travel Paris: Louvre Gardens and Pyramids
Travel to Paris with Sonia Gil!

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Everyone should make trips from time to time, whether it be across the country or to nearby towns. Traveling doesn't only allow you to explore new places and cultures but also stretch your imagination.


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