Although Belgium is not so big, it still offers all kinds of different activities. One small region is particularly worth a visit: Walloon Brabant! Whatever the season, there is always a good reason to get some fresh air and go to discover less known places.  
Do you need a holiday and would you like to get away from it all for a while, to tour the world?
The galloping of horses' hooves and wheels trampling over cobbles is a familiar sound in Bruges, Belgium. Travelling by horse and cart is a popular way to navigate the streets of this picturesque medieval city. This image was captured in Burg Square.  
These young Wallonian boys from Stavelot are participating early for the Cardinal du Laetare, Stavelot's 100-year old tradition.
Belgium: Waterloo and Beyond
Visit Waterloo, 1815
Exploring the Cultural Scene of Hainaut
Hainaut is an area rich with cultural heritage and historic experiences.

Antwerp is such a vibrant city, it is a mix between old and new - on the one hand, there are the shopping malls and the gritty feel of a modern city to it.



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