Once you decide to take a gap year and travel abroad, the first thing that would surely strike you is the budget.
One of the most amazing and thrilling places in the world to live and travel is Hong Kong. 
India has a lot to offer, everyone should have it on their list to visit India at least once in their lifetime. Check out our infographic to see why.  
How many islets are in the Halong Bay and how many people live in Vietnam's biggest city? Where do you find the largest cave of the world and how high is it actually? Who used more stones for their buildings? The Egypt for their pyramids or the Khmer for Angkor Wat?
Singapore in 24 Hours: A Quick Video Tour
Singapore is Southeast Asia’s multicultural playground.

1. Annapurna Panorama Trek

Annapurna panorama is one of the best trek routes in Nepal. To explore popular places of Annapurna, you should make it happen. You can do this trek around one weeks holidays. Every day you will have great views of Annapurna if you do this trail.


India is the home of the great Himalayas! From the northern states till the north-eastern corner, the Himalayan Mountains run through a significant portion of our country. Thanks to this, mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world make their way to India to climb the Himalayan heights.

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