No one likes to get sick, and especially when they have a trip ahead of them. That is one of the worst nightmares you can ever go through. Would you easily board a plane when you have shivers, fatigue, nausea or a stomach upset? My guess is that you wouldn’t.
A visit to Malaysia should include visiting the different islands that lay beautifully scattered across its landscape.
White water rafting in Padas River Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: Grade 3-4. 
A couple of weekends ago we got to spend an amazing weekend at Tioman Island, Malaysia and were treated to some of the finest snorkelling and sunsets that the South China Sea has to offer. This is a seriously magical Island and one that has an "off the beaten path" feel to it.
Ben's Sarawak Adventures - Tribal Arts and Food Adventure
In this video we see adventurer and explorer Ben Fogle experience a tai chi class.
Exploring George Town, Malaysia on Foot
During our winter trip, Jo and I visited Malaysia.

Malaysia is the best place to visit with family, but finding a hotel according to your expectations is difficult, where you feel comfort without compromising on your privacy.

Once you're in KL, there is a loooong walk to airport from the airplane (if you take AirAsia, and really lax immigration (my guy was on the phone the whole time).


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