I really loved my recent trip to Jordan, hence I have compiled some travel tips for those who are interested in exploring the ancient ruins.  
Is it possible to travel with a full time job? YES! Is it easy to take time off with a full time job? YES! Will i be able to afford traveling from my salary? YES!  
Why did I chose as a title "The Dune of Wadi Rum"? That is easy... It was the only really tall dune I've seen that day & I've climbed it to the top. I wasn't that smart doing it, as I went straight up instead via the gentle slope.
Right in the middle of Amman you'll find old ruins - The Citadel.
The Dead Sea & Amman, Jordan Guide
The Dead Sea in Jordan is a natural wonder not to be missed. Why?
Hymn to Jordan
We went on a 10 day road trip with friends and had the feeling having been there once bef

Will you be able to explore the whole of Jordan in 7 days? No, not really... but which destination can you?

The last couple of months there were a lot of travel bloggers visiting Jordan. I've read their articles with excitement and loved all those nice pics.


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