With majestic palaces, picturesque national parks, and enchanting shrines, Japan has it all to lure in tourists all around the year. But there are quite some unique experiences that this island nation has to offer too! Case in point, onsens or natural hot springs!
Hanami is the Japanese tradition of viewing cherry blossoms. The custom is centuries old, dating back to the Nara period around 710 AD.
Taking a hot spring bath is one of the scariest experiences for newcomers to Japan, and the thought of communal bathing is enough to put many tourists off the idea altogether.
Generally I'm not a huge Hello Kitty fan.   However, I still wanted to try the amazing Hello Kitty breakfast in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
Hanami: Celebrating Japans' Cherry Blossoms
Hanami is the Japanese tradition of viewing
Epic 3 Day Hike in the Beautiful Nikko National Park
I’m Jacob Laukaitis, a 21-year-old digital nomad who’s already been to more than 35 countries in

Cruising through the placid waters of Lake Toya on a cloudy day of October, at last I had made peace with my waging mind.

This is one of the major fire festivals held in Japan and it takes place in the very stunning Nozawa Onsen.


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