Whether you need Iran visa depends on where you are from and where you are travelling to. Citizens of around 60 countries do not need a visa to enter Iran for travelling purposes for various amounts of times.
Some people may think that Iran only has forests, deserts, and mountains, but the vast land also has a group of islands in the southern part of the country in both the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.
Eram Garden (Persian: باغ ارم - Bāq e Eram‎) is a historic Persian garden in Shiraz, Iran. The garden, and the building within it, are located at the northern shore of the Khoshk River in the Fars province. It's a must see!
I was wandering around the streets of Yazd, Iran, when this boy spotted me with my camera. He quickly covered his face, to avoid having his picture taken.

I am part of a team driving a London Black Cab from London to Syndey to break the Guinness World Record for the longest taxi journey.  We set off last Feburary and have a full blog at our website.


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