Hong Kong is one of the most visited destinations in the world. This bustling metropolis has a lot to offer tourists. But if you want to see a bit more than the regular tourist sights there are some great options you can explore.
What makes Hong Kong immensely popular?
Hong Kong is such an amaxing city.
This photo was taken on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, at the Big Buddha (Tian Tan) Statue.
10 Thousand Buddhas Monastery
The Reverend Yuet Kai, born into a wealthy family in Kunming in southern
Hong Kong Cinematic Travel Video - More Than Just A City
Hong Kong ?? - More Than Just a City


Iconic Skyline. Financial Hub. Shoppers Delight. Culinary Paradise.

Adjectives often used for Hong Kong but it is a city that defies any definition.

Hong Kong

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