When it comes to China, we've all heard of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, thought about walking across the Great Wall of China and maybe even visited the Forbidden City.
ZhangJiaJie is a small town located in Hunan Province, China. Its location, central China, far from any other famous spots makes it a rare destination for most western travellers. Yet its beauty could easily knock you out!  
You can grab a whole chicken off a hook, watch a fish be filleted on the sidewalk or grab a bowl of freshly-made fried rice at just about any market street in Chengdu, China. 
Just a short bus ride outside the populous city of Chengdu, Huang Long Xi Ancient Town is a place that boasts antiquity, taste and a cultural experience of ancient China.
Hua Shan Plank Walk in China: Harness?
Hua Shan is one of China's Five Great Mountains, and has a long history of religious significance
Mt. Hua Shan, Xianin China: Feel Forever Young and Do Not Look Down
The video is a bit shaky, but I think it still provides a good feeling how crazy that "walk" is.


China: Off the Beaten Path

If you’re planning a trip to China – and you want to venture beyond the tour bus – here’s what you need to know.

Holy mountains in China are the stuff of lightly brushed scroll paintings. Airy landscapes show man as small and insignificant compared to the towering misty peaks, as beautiful as they are mysterious.

Centre China

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