South Africa. What’s the first thing you think about? Is it a lion? The surf? Well, be prepared to change your thinking.
Nestled in the coastal town of Hermanus, Birkenhead House sits atop a cliff overlooking Walker Bay with two peaceful coves on either side of it.
At sunrise, on one of our unforgettable mornings at Bulungula, we enjoyed locally made pancakes and coffee to start our day - although the pancakes themselves - having been made on a paraffin burner - weren't that great themselves, the experience is certainly one both my wife and
The Great Karoo offers landscapes to take a traveller's breath away. The Northern Cape area of South Africa has very low population and visitors can drive for hours, drinking in the stark landscapes without passing a single soul.

Often when we plan a holiday, it is the "combination" of the places we visit, which make a memorable holiday.


South South Africa

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