Rwanda, also popularly known as the land of a thousand hills, is blessed with a number of tourist attractions, thus explaining why Rwanda is today a number one leading tourism destination in east
Like Uganda, Gorilla Trekking is Rwanda's most popular attraction that pull tourists to the tiny country.
I am a big promoter and supporter of domestic travel in Africa — Africans traveling to discover their countries and continent — and I’m up for anything that involves getting my people out of our usual comfort zone.
10 Benefits of International Volunteering
This slideshow illustrates the 10 benefits of volunteering abroad, compiled using a selection of

A lot of people believe that Africans do not have an appetite or passion for travel, do not like adventure, and do not like exploring other countries—or even their own for that matter.

In Rwanda, where I’m from, this has been a generally well-accepted belief for some time.


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