The mention of Mauritius gets most people to envision white sandy beaches holding back deep azure waters against clear skies matching the color of the ocean.
Mauritius is well known for its awesome accommodations. You'll find some of the best hotels in the world in Mauritius. But there are so many more really outstanding places, which you could choose for your stay.  
Mauritius: The Island of Incredible Colors
The first color you will never forget again is the blue!
An Unforgettable Week in Mauritius - The #MyMauritius Video
Mauritius is soooo much more than honeymoon and luxury resorts!

I'm tired and I even get more tired when I look at those numbers:
06:15 - 07:20
11:45 - 12:50
17:00 - 07:55+1

Those are my flight times. That means I have to get up at 2 am to drive to the airport. That's usually when I go to bed, but not wake up.

I am sooooo excited!

Just a few more hours/days and I'll fly to... Mauritius!

What kind of holiday would you expect when one of your friends or you would think of a holiday in Mauritius?


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