There are individuals who have figured out how to venture to the far corners of the planet totally free or at next to no cost.  It demonstrates that you don't need to have a ton of cash to travel. All you require is to be inventive.
Accra is a diverse city, and you will find up-scale restaurants and clubs with prices similar to Europe – but you will also find local areas where you can fill up your tummy for a few dollars or less.
Busua beach is one of Ghana's most beautiful beaches. It's located about 35km west of Takoradi in Western region and about 4.5 hour drive from Accra (but it's all worth it!).

My Time in Ghana

Day one

Have you found your heaven on Earth yet? Because I have but let me tell you a secret. It is not amongst one of the famous attractions or destinations that you would expect however it is a unique and extraordinary place.


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