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Namdaemun - Rebuilding National Treasure No. 1

Destroyed in 2008 by arson, the Cultural Heritage Association has spent the last five years rebuilding Namdaemun.

Red Drops of Life - Basilicata, Italy

With "Red drops of life" I wanted to visualize the story behind a divine wine in a poetic way.

Whale Watching, Snorkeling in Frederick Sound and Diving into Alaskan Microbrews

If you haven't heard that South East Alaska is a great snorkel spot, it's time you take a look for yourself!

Camping and Pondering Important Life Questions in Alaska

We are dropped off into the untouched Alaskan wilderness to camp on our own for the night after learning about the hi

Fishing in Ketchikan and Caving in El Capitan with InnerSea Discoveries

Salmon and bear cubs in Ketchikan, caving and hiking in El Capitan - just a few of the adventures abroad the Wilderne

Budget Check - Porto, Portugal

Portugal is a cheap country to travel to if you compare the prices with other western european destinations.

PLUS Florence Hostel - Video Review

Showing you what a typical room in a PLUS hostel looks like...

Oporto City Hostel - Video Review

A fun and quirky video review of Oporto City Hostel in Porto, Northern Portugal.


Challeneges Facing Korea's Royal Tombs

In Part Three of the series, we travel to one of the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty to learn what challenges the C

Saving the Past! Korea's Conservation Science Team

Go behind the scenes with the National Museums Conservation Science Team.


How German Farmers Lived Through the Centuries

It's only a twenty minute drive with the car from the historic town of Rothenburg.

The Ultimate Korean History Museum

Tasked with preserving the history of the Joseon Dynasty and Daehan Empire, the National Palace Museum of Korea inclu


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