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What Happened in NOLA and the Trip to New Mexico - Episode 3

WE check out some fried food in NOLA and continue on to New Mexico


From Chappel Hill NC to New Orleans - Guy's Guide - Episode 2

This is episode 2 in our road trip across the USA.

A Day Away - Kalibo, Philippines

While the Ati-Atihan Festival made Kalibo famous, there is a lot more to see and do in this town.

Day Trip to the Bamboo Temple in Kunming, China

We visited the Bamboo Temple last Ocober on day trip from Kunming.


Valladolid - My Favorite Little Town in Mexico

Sonia Gil tours her favorite Mexican town in her favorite way: two wheels.

Sights of Vancouver - Miles Off Track - Episode 2

Episode 2 of Miles Off Track shot in Vancouver, BC.

Producer : Sebastien Dryland

Dongtan, Beautiful Snowy Cemetery in Seoul

One of my favorite places in Dongtan is the Park Family Cemetery.

Guy's Guide - Episode 1 - The Beginning - From Pittsburgh to Chapel Hill North Carolina

Guy's Guide is a reality travel series that follows the epic endeavors of five adventure-seeking dudes who cram thems


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