Travel videos

Magical Namiseom - The Most Romantic Place in Korea

Nami Island (??? / Namiseom) is a magical destination for Koreans and foreigners alike.

An Entertaining Afternoon at the Upper Austrian Monastery Stift Schlierbach

This is a video showing an entertaining afternoon spent at the Upper Austrian monastery Stift Schlierbach, where we g

The Cologne Christmas Markets - Timelapse Captured

Here is a timelapse video, that I made in Köln Christmas Markets in 2009

A Day Away: Jeonju - A City Filled with History

Jeonju (??) is a city filled with history.

Germany by Rail Timelapse

German Rail themed timelapse:

How To Travel To South Italy, Fall In love And Never Return

A digital diary story in the Basilicata region, Italy (no.1)"

Blades of Steel - Korean Ice Hockey - The Anyang Halla

Korea has many professional sports: Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, and Ice Hockey.


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