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MSC Divina Launch in Marseille

MSC Cruises launches their new ship the MSC Divina.

Why Do I Love Korea?

I'm often asked, why I love Korea.

Well, now you know... Just watch the video.


Tokyo in Timelapse - Always Dynamic and Worth Visting

Tokyo was my second city stop for 2012.

Its a city that's always dynamic and worth visting.

GoPro Biking - Byeongjeom, Korea

Come along as I show you Byeongjeom, South Korea as I ride home.

What is shawarma? A video Response to Tony Stark (The Avengers)

In the movie The Avengers, Tony Stark asks, "You ever try shawarma?...

Coast to Coast Helicopter Flight - Timelapse Video

Timelapse video of a Helicopter Flight from Jacksonville, FL to Santa Monica, CA.

Affagato - aka Bliss in Your Mouth

Usually, I prefer my coffee strong and black, without any frills.

Coffee Overload! - Korea's First Coffee Expo

The last weekend in April saw Korea hosting the first Coffee Expo.

Christine and the Best Places in the Caribbean

The world best beaches, view points and hotels.

Arc de Triomf in Barcelona - Time Lapse

Sunday April 30th was such a beautiful day.

Ty Sawyer Takes Us to the Big Island of Hawaii


Ty Sawyer takes us to the big island of Hawaii on "Another Shade of Blue". 


Korean Travel Tip - Use YOUR Cell Phone!

Big news in the world of cell phones in Korea!


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