Travel videos

Mauritius: The Island of Incredible Colors

The first color you will never forget again is the blue!

Kangaroo Island, Austrialia: Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Dives in Sharky Waters

Come watch Australia's celebrity chef Matt Moran join Colin on his adventures around Australia's win

How to use a Japanese hot spring bath (onsen)

In a country as volcanic as Japan, hot springs are everywhere - from the beaches to the mountains via every little to

How to buy a train ticket in Japan

Japan's rail system is the best in the world, but many people feel daunted by the thought of using trains in a countr

There's only one Japan

Sara visited Japan in 2014 to shoot this beautiful video, capturing the people, culture and landscapes of Japan.

Delicious Japan

Most people outside of Japan think Japanese cuisine is all about sushi, rice and noodles - but it's so much more than

Kuang Si Falls

Just 40 minsutes' by tuk-tuk from Luang Prabang is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Southeast Asia: Kuang Si F

Get beneath the surface: Burma

From the winking golden spire of Shwedagon Pagoda to the two-thousand brick temples of the Bagan Plains; from the sti

Get beneath the surface: Cambodia

Cambodia is well-known for the crumbling ruins of Angkor Wat and the devastating genocide it suffered at the hands of

A Northern Star

Sara travelled throughout Northern Vietnam, visiting remote communities in Ba Be, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Hoang Su Phi and

Mount Majura Canberra: Skydiving, Wine and Limestones

After finishing up seeing Hunter Valley's vineyards from the air in as many ways as possible and checki


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