Travel videos

Jerusalem Marathon 2015

This spectacular city-wide event, turns Jerusalem into a sporting destination, drawing thousands of runners, includin

New Zealand in Stop Motion - Because the grass is just Greener!

Yes it's a long way and remote, but a road trip around New Zealand couldn’t be more worth it.

Alicia Explores East London Eating

Alicia Drewnicki is taking you on a tour of some of the best places to eat in East London.

6771 Photos of Chiang Mai & North Thailand in 2K HD

We took 6771 PHOTOS OF CHIANG MAI & NORTH THAILAND, moving a small step each time, and strung th

What To Do With One Week in England

Through the hills of Cornwall and the streets of London, this is a one week look into our adventures through England.

How To Avoid Travel Sickness: Video Tips

We've all been there, being sick on the road is no fun and it's a sure fire way to ruin a trip.

20 Incredible Things to add to Your Bucket List

Have you created a bucket list yet?

Exploring Athens, Greece On Video

If you're looking to venture off to the beautiful city of Athens, Greece, start here with a little sneak peak of what

Don't Be Fooled: Saving Money on All Inclusive Trips

When it's getting colder and you're already looking for a place to jet off to, here are a few tips to help you save s

How to Book An Affordable Flight: Step-by-Step

Time and time again we have all spent hours on finding the BEST flight for the CHEAPEST pric

Celebrating Karneval in Germany: Bucket List

Welcome to the Dusseldorf Karneval where beer and costumes take precendence over working. 

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