Travel videos

Grand Canyon: The South Kaibab and the Bright Angel Trails

You can't come to the Southwest without seeing the Grand Canyon.

Save Sharks by Traveling in Lombok

Kathy Xu dreamt up a paradise trip to save sharks, help fishermen and promote conservation in Lombok, Indonesia.

Tuba City: Local Culture and Food

This week Booker Travels heads to Tuba City, Arizona, where we are lucky enough to stumble across a

Broadway Bomb

Broadway Bomb 2012. The Best of Broadway Bomb with all the fun it brought to NYC streets. 

Postcard from Rhodos

A few Days chill & adventures in Greece! Happy moments with my girlfriend.

Breaking Balsamic: A Breaking Bad Parody in Italy

Inspired by the tv show Breaking Bad, Breaking Balsamic takes place in Modena Italy, where Turner Barr from Around th

Route 66: The Mother Road

Zion National Park is a place full of sandstone cliffs, exotic plants and animals.

Nicaragua: The Best of Nicaragua

See why Booker loved traveling in Nicaragua!

Nicaragua: Got Granada?

Booker wishes he would never leave Popoyo until he arrives in Granada.

Nicaragua: A Christmas Special

Surfing. A monkey fed from a baby bottle. A cockfight. Grandma at a disco.

Nicaragua: Beach Life

Booker spends the day with Andrey, a surfer who lives right by Popoyo surf break and who makes a living as a surf gui

Loving Winter in Montreal and Mont Tremblant, Canada: #LoveWinter

Just a stone's throw away from the European mainland, you can venture to the picture-perfect slopes of Mont Tremblant


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