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HotPressJess Around Oahu: The Nu’uanu Pali Lookout

With my little camera, a broken tripod, and amazing feats of bravery, I bring you a brief look at the grounds of Oahu

Amazon: Peaceful Thrills - Part One

A boat trip to the Arapiuns River.

Morocco: My Life as a Berber

Follow me as I learn how to make traditional Berber bread, tajine, fetch water from a well and even climb the Atlas m

Exploring Seoul's Famous Gwangjang Market

This week's Walk and Talk takes us to Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea.

Travel Berlin: Prenzlauer Berg - Boho Chic

Sonia Gil travels to one of Berlin's most famous neighborhoods, Prenzlauer Berg, to find a place in the midst of tran

Travel Berlin: Museum Island - An Island Inside A City?

In the middle of Berlin is an actual island!

Are You a Tourist or a Traveler?

Are you a tourist or traveller ?

Barcelona: Seeking Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi and Barcelona.

Amazon: Tapajós Online - How Locals Use New Technology

Tapajós with the Health and Joy Organization.

Travel Berlin: The Berlin Wall Yesterday And Today

Sonia explores both east and west of the Berlin wall, taking in its history and appreciating what it's become today.

Hike the Famous Jeju Olle!

The Jeju Olle Trail, Olle Gil, or simply the Jeju Olle is an amazing network of trails that completely encircle Jeju

Explore Seoul's Gangnam Station

Gangnam Station is the hub of activity in Seoul, boasting more foot traffic than any other subway station in the nati


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