Travel videos

Travel Mexico: Learn a Bit of Spanish in Valladolid

Sonia gil takes you on a stroll through the great little town of Valladolid, Mexico and teaches some spanish along th

Travel Berlin: Communist Berlin

Sonia Gil takes a stroll through Karl Marx Allee and the famous AlexanderPlatz in search of the architecture and the

A Chapter from Death Valley

Why Booker Travels: A Chapter From Death Valley.

Epic Sky Lantern Festival Video - Yi Peng Chiang Mai Thailand

The Yi Peng  (Thai : ???????) Sky Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai Thailand is one of

Hong Kong Cinematic Travel Video - More Than Just A City

Hong Kong ?? - More Than Just a City

Wacky Street Food in Beijing

Eating snakes in Beijing. Is that crazy?

Amazon: Wheels in the Jungle

Skateboarding in the Amazon?

Montauk: Heading East from NYC

A road trip from Manhattan to Montauk.

Travel Berlin: Holocaust Memorial Sites and Jewish Museum

Sonia Gil walks through three of Berlin's signature spaces: the Topographies of Terror Foundation, the Memorial to th

HotPressJess Around Oahu: The Nu’uanu Pali Lookout

With my little camera, a broken tripod, and amazing feats of bravery, I bring you a brief look at the grounds of Oahu

Amazon: Peaceful Thrills - Part One

A boat trip to the Arapiuns River.

Morocco: My Life as a Berber

Follow me as I learn how to make traditional Berber bread, tajine, fetch water from a well and even climb the Atlas m


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