Travel videos

Sri Lanka: Waves

It's the end of the surfing season in Sri Lanka but Booker still finds waves.

Ancient Dodoni, Epirus, Greece!

A short video from the archaeological site of Dodoni, just outside the town of Ioannina, in Epirus!

Sri Lanka: JFK to MRIA

Sri Lanka: JFK to MRIA is about Booker's journey between planes and airports to get to Sri Lanka.

Vilamoura World

At the heart of the Algarve in

Awesome Cebu, Philippines

This video gives a rundown of the best to see and do in the island of Cebu as well as some neighbour

Road Trip Through Oregon

Join us on our Road Trip though Oregon - and enjoy some mesmerizing landscapes and spectacular views!

Visit Europe - The Waldensian & Huguenot Cultural Route

The Waldensians and Huguenots came to Baden Wuerttemberg as religious refugees hundreds of years ago.

Ecuador: Deep-fried Fish in the Pacific Rainforest

We spent one night at the San Miguel de Cayapas afro-ecuadorian Community in Ecuador, which is about three hours by m

Summer Days in Portland

A short video of my first time in Portland, Oregon aka Hipster Central!

What a wonderful and quirky town.

The Beautiful Island of Ruegen, Baltic Sea Germany

For not even two minutes I will take you to Ruegen in the Baltic Sea, Germany.

Neoi Epivates, Thessaloniki, Greece!

At the beach...

Neoi Epivates, beach, Thessaloniki, Greece!


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