Travel videos

The Real Me Documentary

The Real ME is inspired by traveling as a way of stepping out of our comfort zones in order to grow and live through

Nicaragua: From JFK to MGA (Managua)

Follow Booker's journey from his bedroom in wintry NYC all the way to a remote beach in tropical Popoyo.

The Best of the Amazon: Beautiful and Wild

Booker's trip to the Brazilian Amazon is beautiful and wild. 

Exploring the World: Point of View

This video was shot during my 3 and a half months of exploring around the world.

Sintra: Great for Hiking

Sintra is great for walking!

San Francisco: At The Wharf

Booker visits Fisherman's Wharf along the San Francisco waterfront.

Korean Snacks: White Cookie Pepero

Halloween is just about here, meaning that time all dentists love has arrived!

Hanauma Bay with the Halona Blowhole, Cove and Eternity Beach

Join me as I show you this unique destination north of Hanauma Bay.

Amazon: Peaceful Thrills - Part Two

A boat trip to the Arapiuns River.

Travel Mexico: Learn a Bit of Spanish in Valladolid

Sonia gil takes you on a stroll through the great little town of Valladolid, Mexico and teaches some spanish along th

Travel Berlin: Communist Berlin

Sonia Gil takes a stroll through Karl Marx Allee and the famous AlexanderPlatz in search of the architecture and the

A Chapter from Death Valley

Why Booker Travels: A Chapter From Death Valley.


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