Travel videos

CALIFORNIA on the road

CALIFORNIA on the road - video travel:  A personal journey that took about a month for the length and breadth of Cali

25 Things You Must Do In Seoul

Seoul is an amazing place- a thriving city where modernity meets the ancient.

Cotonou in Motion (Africa)

Cotonou in Motion - Visit around Cotonou in  6 days.

Into the Wild in Central Asia

Central Asia, one of the must beautiful places on earth.

My Visual Love Letter to Japan

The best of my six days in Japan - from Osaka to Kyoto and finally Tokyo.

Nicaragua - ¿Donde está la playa?

This video tells the story of an adventurous journey that brought us with 4 of my friends on a road trip along the Pa

Longing Morocco

Two friends lost in Marocco!

Climbing my first Via Ferrata in South Tyrol, the Italian Dolomites

Heather tries climbing her first Via Ferrata and it's a lot more challenging than she expected!

WINERAM Australia Episode 1: Strathbogie Ranges

Colin leaves his cellar-hand winemaking position in the Barossa Valley to hit the road and tour all the wine regions

WINERAM Australia Episode 2: Yarra Valley

Presenter Colin West departs from northern Victoria after visiting the Strathbogie ranges with Matt Fowles to hit up

24 Hours in Belfast: First Hand Sights

Join me, as I venture to Belfast to Challenge myself. Challenge myself?

60 Foodie Seconds in Singapore

Singapore is all about its food.


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