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Route 66 - by travellina

To celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday, I ticked off a bucketlist item and drove the Route 66 from Chicago to Los Ang

Sinking of the Barbados Trident Coast Guard Ship

The Trident was scuttled after 30 years of active servce in the coast guard of Barbados.

Iceland: Midnight Sun - You Will Never Regret It!


Kyushu Elements

As the third-largest of the four main islands of Japan, Kyushu doesn't have the world-famous temples and gleaming, ne

The floating gate of Miyajima

Japan's Seto Inland Sea lies sandwiched between Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, three of Japan's four main islands.

Discover Japan

From lush mountains, traditional villages and steaming hot springs to bright neon lights, busy streets and skyscraper

There's only one Japan

On her trip to Japan, Sara visited the great cities of Tokyo and Kyoto - the former a beacon of modernity; the latter

Sri Lanka: The UNESCO Heritage Sites

Sri Lanka is home to eight

Glamping, A Luxury African Safari

Have you heard the term "Glamping?" Glamorous Camping.

Tokyo, Japan: Visiting Ueno Zoo

I recently spent a month in Toky

Mask of Venezia | 4K

My girlfriend and I visited first time this spring the beautiful town Venezia. We had a many impressions. 

Video: 7 Months Bali in 9 minutes.

Author Daphne is in love with the beautiful beaches, the unique living habits, culture, social life and exotic food o


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