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Neoi Epivates, Thessaloniki, Greece!

At the beach...

Neoi Epivates, beach, Thessaloniki, Greece!

Belgium through my eyes - Brussels

A few weeks back I went to Belgium with my family.

The beautiful island of Ruegen, Baltic Sea Germany

For not even two minutes I will take you to Ruegen in the Baltic Sea, Germany.


An emotional and filmic journey through beautiful Belluno, Italy.

Peraia, Thessaloniki, Greece!

Peraia, Thessaloniki, Greece!

Castles, Thessaloniki, Greece!

Nowadays, the area is considered among the finest in the city and is visited daily by many tourists. 

Greek Summer 2015, video 1

Greek Summer!

At the beach...

Stay tuned!

Welcome to 'Life On Ios' - Greek Island Paradise

The first video from the #LifeOnIos project, discovering the other side of life on the Greek island of Ios.

Spectacular Beaches on Ios Island

Spectacular beaches in Ios, Greece

Ios, Greece: Lookbook

This lookbook will show you a new side to the Greek party island of Ios.

Hymn to Jordan

We went on a 10 day road trip with friends and had the feeling having been there once before.

A Drone Over Winterfell & Jon Snow Fights Back!

On our Honeymoon we traveled for 3 weeks through Ireland by campervan. In


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