A Simple Guide to Learn About Flashlights

A Simple Guide to Learn About Flashlights

Down the lane in the history, humans have been in search of portable light sources. The search for portable light source has been enhanced from torches and candles to lanterns. However, the invention of electricity has made life simpler; a button is all it takes now to light up your way. These days, flashlights come in hundred different features and shapes.

A lot goes into the making of flashlights before it reaches your hands, starting from its design, type of battery, and its bulb. Let’s get started with few aspects which make your flashlight to be top-notch in every way. 

The first thing that most people will look for when purchasing a flashlight is “how bright is the flashlight?” Your flashlight’s brightness is one thing that you can never compromise on;flashlights are available from 20 lumens to 3500 lumens. A 20 lumen will be ideal for reading your favorite novel, but will fail to lead your way through darkness.

The elegant design of flashlights

You’ll be surprised to find flashlights that are specifically designed to withstand extremely high-temperatures and work underwater. Most flashlights in the market resemble a tube-like handle with batteries.

If you’re a planning to purchase flashlights that are more durable, it’s recommended that you go for the heavier gauge materials. Police officers, soldiers, and firefighters use flashlights on a daily basis and they wouldn’t settle for anything less than best. They consider going for the long lasting and bright ones rather than the fancy looking ones.

Lanterns and Novelty flashlights

You can go for the fancy looking camping lanterns if you’re planning to camp at an isolated place. It’s all right to have camping lanterns which are energy efficient compared to other flashlights. However, it’s a mandate to have flashlights when you go camping or hiking in the thick forest.

Novelty flashlights are lightweight which are preferable for children. They aredesigned with the favorite characters from the popular children’s books and cartoons. Adorned with the child-appealing units the novelty flashlights are designed to impress every child and envy the one who doesn’t have it.

What goes in the making of flashlights?

When a flashlight is designed its output light, ability to adapt to every environment, and durability are taken into consideration. The luminosity or in simple terms the brightness of your flashlight is something that you can’t compromise on. Locating the target is a crucial part for military and police personals, visibility can make the difference between life and death.

These days most military flashlight bodies are made from plastic or aluminum alloys. Some parts of the flashlights are also made of stainless steel for better impact resistance. The thinner aluminum flashlights are usually lighter and stylish, while the thicker ones are made to last harsh conditions. The knurled pattern of the flashlights reduces slipping and provides the additional grip to your flashlights.

Most flashlights are made with the on/off that are sliders or push buttons. You can operate them using your thumb, while some flashlights come with rotating bezel which requires both of your hands to operate. There’s a possibility to accidently turn your flashlights on; you can go for the military flashlight which hasa safety lock features to avoid unexpected flat battery.

The simpler the better must be the key principle of every flashlight. A single setting is all that’s required for a general purpose flashlight. Having more than a single setting like low, medium, high, and boost can be of great help to control the brightness of your flashlight. Throwing the extra-strong beam can be reassuring in a demanding situation. You might be risking the run time of your flashlight with constant bright mode.

Your flashlight’s battery life can save your life

The latest LED flashlights are brighter and efficient than the traditional ones. It’s important on the battlefield to pick out the targets easily and quickly. You can’t be running around to get a battery to your flashlight in isolated places, it’s important to choose the right kind of battery in your flashlight.

You’re left with three options when choosing the type of battery in your flashlight:

  1. Disposable batteries

It’s common to find batteries of AAA or AA in the market, when compared to the less popular CR123A which is rather expensive. The pocket-sized flashlights use D cell batteries which are handy than the baton-sized ones. Disposal batteries might not work well with military flashlights which need more powerful and cost effective batteries in the long run.

  1. Rechargeable batteries

You might be able to find rechargeable batteries which can either be charged using a UBS connector or AC/DC power outlet sockets. These built-in batteries are a better choice considering the cost of batteries and long run of flashlights. Most built-in rechargeable batteries are made of lithium ions and the name lithium batteries.

  1. Renewable energy source

Some flashlights come with hand crank or solar panel the can work without any rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries. This is an ideal choice for emergency kits where you have no room to charge your rechargeable batteries or purchase a disposable battery.  

Some of the other criteriathatgo into the making of the best military flashlight are:

Impact resistance and water resistance

The flashlight is dropped at least 6 times from a prescribed height onto a concrete bed and its functionality is measured after every drop. This test ensures that your flashlight works to its optimal level after taking the number of falls.

Flashlights are prone to get wet on rainy days or with some butter fingers dropping it in water bodies. Most flashlights fail in the IPX system which checks the water resistance of flashlights, only military grade flashlights are able to withstand the immersion of about half an hour and submersion up to 4 hours.

This guide might help you purchase a better flashlight; you will just know what to look for when purchasing your flashlight. Your knowledge about flashlights is sure to surprise the shop keeper and buy a flashlight worth the price.


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