How to write a good speech

How to write a good speech

Writing a speech is an important and useful writing skill. Speech is written paper which student should present in front of students or professors. In this article we prepared for you some most important things you should know if you want to write a good speech.

Choose your main topic

The first thing you need to do when you get a task to write a speech from your professor is ask yourself what your speech will be about. Make your speech contain as many ideas as possible. Due to the fact that the presentation of the speech is pretty fast, you should choose one or two most important ideas you want to talk about. The chosen topic should certainly match the situation. We advise you to choose a topic which is interesting for you.

Write how you would talk

Speech differs from an essay or any other type of writing. While an essay is simply read in front of people, speech must be presented. So below you will find some important tips which will make your speech professional.

Make yourself use short sentences. Use words like "we're" and "I'm." Include in your speech words that are commonly spoken and write your speech the way people naturally speak. After you finish with writing, read your speech aloud to see if it sounds good.

Use examples in your speech

Be sure that you use concrete information that will keep your audience focus on your speech. Try to avoid complicated sentences in your speech.

Put all of the facts together

To make your audience interested and to make your speech trustworthy you should use as many facts as possible in it. It is almost impossible to convince people with the speech without using facts. When you want to convince people you should give them reasons why they should handle things differently. For that reason, make sure you are interested in the topic which you are going to present it will make convincing much easier.

Use a traditional constructions to convince the target audience

In order to convince your audience, you should definitely find a powerful speech presenting technique. We advise you to use the "problem-solution" structure as it is one of the best. Encourage the audience understand the problems related to their existing behaviors. Prove to them that they can overcome these types of problems by doing some things not the way they used to do them.

Conclusion must be powerful

When you start writing a conclusion, which is the most important part of the speech make it  powerful  part that sums up all your speech. The audience should leave your speech with questions and thoughts in their mind. Present all the key points of your speech once again this will make the audience remember about the important issues from your speech.

Present your speech to a friend after you finish your writing

Presenting your speech to a friend will help you understand how it sounds and flows. Ask a fiend for a feedback and start working towards making your speech better. Check if your speech is clear, and the tone that you use is appropriate.

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