Get a Taste of Los Angeles Without Going Broke

Get a Taste of Los Angeles Without Going Broke

Los Angeles, the city of glamour, fame, and fortune can be a fun place to visit; but it can also bottom out your bank account.

Some people travel to LA expecting to spend boat loads of money on the clubs and clothes, but if you want to take it all in and save a few bucks here are some ways to make your dollar go the distance.


Find the deals!

LA is packed with food vendors, restaurants, and other foodie destinations that can cater to the fatty in all of us, but that also means there are plenty of cheap eats too.

Like most cities around the US, the glitzy restaurants sprinkling Los Angeles have specials too. Scout out the happy hours and meal specials before you arrive, there are still burger nights, Taco Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays to be found if you look hard enough.

All and all I was able to quell my hunger and quench my thirst while spending less than $10 a night going out in LA. While I was visiting a friend living in the Westwood area we woofed down hotdogs on Monday at The Stand ($1 dogs and in-house Honey Blonde Ale for $2), went out to Santa Monica for all you can eat Taco Tuesday at Cabo Cantina ($4.99) and grabbed cheap import beers Friday night at Maui & Sons in Hollywood ($3 each).


Go Vintage!

The city of angels is littered with consignment shops, thrift stores, vintage clothing stores and shops that sell wardrobes from movies.

If you are out and about Hollywood, Santa Monica or Venice Beach make sure to track down a couple of vintage clothing stores if you are looking to do some shopping and save some cash.

Vintage Clothing stores around Los Angeles are jam packed with every era of style your brain can think of. I was short some warm clothing before my trip to New Zealand so I stopped by Iguana Vintage Clothing in Hollywood and was able to pick up an awesome hoodie for only $15.


Master the Metro!

If you are stuck in Los Angeles with no transportation, you aren’t completely helpless. The Metro bus and rail system, like most of the US, isn’t top notch compared to some European and Asian countries but it will take you where you need to be.

The Metro rail is a huge money saver, you can get an all day pass good for bus and metro around all of Los Angeles for a mere $5. The buses seem to come more often and more on time than cities like Washington, but don’t expect the Metro rail to follow suit.

Most places of interest around LA will have some sort of bus or metro link to that destination. You can get to South Bay, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, China town, Venice beach all by bus or metro. If you’re a sissy about buses and metro being dirty places, get over it or spend loads on taxis and rental cars.


There ya go, three good ways to visit Los Angeles and still save a penny or two. Find cheap eats, check out the gnarly vintage shops and bus or metro as much as you can.

Have any other tips and tricks for saving cash in LA?


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