7 Quick Peru Travel Tips

7 Quick Peru Travel Tips

Peru is a such a geographically diverse country.

From the Andes to it's desert coastline to the steamy, amazon jungle, it's a great county to travel in!

Anciet wonders such as Machu Picchu reached by trekking the famous Inca trail is just one of many highlights Peru has to offer. Don't forget to try Peruvian cuisine as well- it's delicious! 


These quick tips will help you out with your travel plans- Enjoy!

1) When arriving in cities in the Andes, make sure you rest and let the body adjust to the altitude. Eating light meals, drinking plenty of fluids (try coca tea) and avoiding alcohol helps.

2) To check for forged bills in Peru, find the “reddish” coloured denomination at the end of the bill and tilt it. If it's authentic, the numbers will turn black.

3) For the least wait and best rate when changing foreign currency, “Casa de Cambios” or small exchange offices found in main towns in Peru are a good option.

4) Learn some Spanish words and phrases before you come to Peru. “Hola” (Hello) and “Gracias” (Thank you) are essential, while learning numbers will help when bartering in the markets.

5) “Ceviche”, a favourite local dish of raw fish marinated in citrus juice, is best enjoyed on the coast, washed down with a cold “cerveza” (beer).

6) Always take a hotel card with you when going off to explore so you can get a cab or ask for directions if you get lost!

7) The best time to visit the Andes is in the months of June-August when the rainfall is minimal, however bring warm clothes!


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