5 Reasons To See the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

5 Reasons To See the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Thinking of travelling to South Australia?

Then if so, your itinerary must include the Flinders Ranges.

The rugged terrain gives a beauty that is not seen anywhere else in the State, and is worth the effort of getting there via road or air.

Still not convinced?


Then here are 5 reasons why you should visit:

Wilpena Pound

Amazing geological formation of mountains in a circle gives us Wilpena Pound. From short hikes to longer hikes, there is a walk for everyone to experience the beauty of this area. To truly appreciate it, a scenic flight over the Pound will give you an appreciation of this land.

Excellent visitor centre means there is an accommodation option for everyone.


Aroona Valley

An area appreciated by great artist Sir Hans Heysen, today it is easy to see why he fell in love with this location and painted so many pictures of this area.

Around 46km from Wilpena Pound Visitor Centre, and away from the crowds, is a beautiful part of the Flinders. Camping here is basic and simple, just the way it should be in an area such as this.


Historic towns

For those not wishing to travel more than 3-4 hours from Adelaide, yet still experience the Flinders, towns such as Melrose, Quorn and Wilmington allow you take in some of the majestic beauty of the area, without the travel.

Alligator Gorge near Wilmington – a great walk for anyone with a average level of fitness (steep climb back to the top!) – gives you an opportunity to see amazing gorges without travelling too deep into the Flinders.

Mambray Creek, in Mt Remarkable National Park, is a perfect spot to take a break or camp, especially if you are continuing your road trip north of Adelaide.



670km from Adelaide, lays the Arkaroola Wildnerness Sanctuary. Here, you will be in the heart of the Flinders, with amazing mountaintop views. Great for those who love 4WD and isolation. On offer are numerous Advanced Ecotourism accredited guided tours.


Lake Eyre

The lowest point in Australia, and the largest lake in Australia and 18th largest in the world. These are impressive credentials and all attributed to Lake Eyre The lake has only filled to capacity, 3 times in 150 years, but when it does birds from all over Australia flock to it, creating a unique event in Australian history.

You have to be lucky to see it with water, but when you do, you will be seeing something special. Scenic flights are the way to see and comprehend the vastness of this lake in the driest continent in the world.


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