10 Top Tips for more Dangerous Travel

10 Top Tips for more Dangerous Travel

There's a lot of helpful advice out there (and right here on Traveldudes too) about safe travel.

But what about dangerous travel?

What about getting out of your comfort zone, taking a few risks, and living a little?!


Here are 10 tips that will help you do just that:

1. Stop worrying about getting scammed.

The truth is, this happens to a lot of travellers, even the most seasoned ones. It even happened to me - more than once! As long as you only ever part with little bits of money, you won't come to too much harm. Consider it an investment in your education!  


2. Go off with a stranger. 

Not to some darkened alleyway obviously, but if you've met a friendly person who invites you to a public place within walking distance, go along! You will probably have fun!


3. Do stuff you wouldn't normally do at home. 

Loads of safe travel guides tell you not to do this, but the truth is, a lot of foreign places are actually safer than your home town. I felt safer walking around Laos at night than I did in Leeds. As long as you don't look too much like a naive tourist, you should be fine.


4. Jump off stuff. 

Those extreme sports places have been around for decades because they take safety really seriously. If you've got half a brain, you should be able to spot a dodgy one a mile off.


5. Always lock your room and wedge the door. 

Pretty damned impossible in a dorm.


6. If the worst happens, fight back.

If someone's got a knife or gun, just give up your stuff. But if not, and you reckon you've got a fighting chance, scream, yell and hold onto your things. Chances are, the muggers will run off. (This happened to me -  I saw off two boys when they attempted to nick my bag, and I'm a pint-sized lady).


7. Talk to the hawkers. 

A lot of travellers don't like engaging in conversation with people who are trying to sell them stuff, in case they... well, try to sell them stuff! But if you start talking about something else, you can make a real, personal connection.


8. Leave the massive first aid kit at home. 

Sure, bring your blister plasters, some antiseptic and Immodium, but chances are, if you need syringes and bandages, you'll be in a hospital, where such things are provided. (Exception: if you're somewhere really rural where sanitation doesn't exist).


9. Act like an idiot. 

Sometimes not understanding stuff (or pretending not to) can get you out of a sticky situation. When an official tried to bribe me at a border, I didn't really understand what was going on, so he gave up trying to get money out of me because it was too much trouble!


10. Take some risks. 

You're a grown-up. You know how to take a calculated risk. Would you rather come home feeling exhilarated and more confident, or wishing you'd done something more exciting? I know which one I'd pick...


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