The Great 6 week South East Asian Sailing Expedition on a 52ft Luxury sailing yacht with a young crew.

We are organizing an amazing sailing expedition in the South Chinese Sea. 


Departure is Thailand on the First of May and arrival the 11th of June 2011.


During our expedition we will be making different stops in Borneo and the Philippines. We put the accent on Expeditions rather then a tour because we will be sailing and are subject to the wind and currents. At some legs of the trip we will have to work together as a team and shall be experiencing a real Ocean crossing. But thats just a small part of the trip. We like to give you a taste of everything, the extreme long sailing leg, but then make you relax in the luxury that our yacht has to offer while we cruise the coast of Borneo and the Philippines.

It is our philosophy to explore as much as possible during our trip, underwater and above.


Borneo has nature that is unique in the world, you can even go for a home stay with the local tribes and experience their life and culture as part of a family member. Orang Uthangs, Elephants, amazing birds, and so much more animals will pass the revue while we sail 60 kilometers inland.


The Philippines  with it's 7000 + islands will be a play ground for Island discovery and exploring deserted paradises. Well deserved rests on the beach in between dives at world class locations.


There are only 4 places available so we can provide you maximum comfort. 

Activities Offered

Photography Workshops

Example of a tour

1st May Departure from Koh Chang Thailand

Here we will be crossing the South Chinese Sea for 10 days.
Emerge in the world of sailing, Navigation, Chart Reading … will be practiced. We will be sailing in a...


Hi Bart,


Thanks again for the last tour where you guided us on the West Coast and showed us the most amazing places. Your energy that you shared with us was half the trip's success. I wish I could be on your sailing...

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    Tour Information

    Tour Directory (Operator or Guide): 
    Other Languages: 
    Years of Experience: 
    Difficulty of Tours: 
    Maximum Tour Length: 
    42 days
    Services included: 
    Stress and rescue diver with you during your sea adventures and snorkel trips Complete entertainment centre. Professional Photographer on Board who will make you a complimentary photo book of the trip. All food is included during the stay on board. Accommodation is available at all times when moored.
    Prices (Total price per tour in EUR or USD): 
    6300 Euro

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