Canada is a beautiful country that can get you hooked instantly! The non-artificial lifestyle of Canadians, their friendliness and the wonderful nature they’re surrounded by can be all mesmerising to say the least!
Spectacular. Stunning. Jaw dropping. Oh Canada you are a beautiful and vast land. Your people may be trade marked for their politeness but you show no humility in your grandeur.  
In the shadows of the Cascade Mountains lies the Similkameen Valley where the stunning scenery gives way to the plentiful orchards and farms that provide British Columbia, Canada with fresh, organic pro
Watching Gray Whales off Tofino, Vancouver Island
"If you want to watch gray whales off Tofino you have to brace yourself for rough waters.
Sights of Vancouver - Miles Off Track - Episode 2
Episode 2 of Miles Off Track shot in Vancouver, BC. Producer : Sebastien Dryland

British Columbia

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