The combination of white sandy beaches and tropical mangroves, a lot of caves, waterfalls, coral reefs and hot springs.
Every country has its own signature dish. For India, there is a long list of these, varying according to the culinary diversity observed across the country's length and breadth. Malaysia is no different.
A couple of weekends ago we got to spend an amazing weekend at Tioman Island, Malaysia and were treated to some of the finest snorkelling and sunsets that the South China Sea has to offer. This is a seriously magical Island and one that has an "off the beaten path" feel to it.
Sometimes the best and most beautiful things are to be found at home. This shot is one example of that, as it is a photo taken in a remote part of Malaysia called Kuala Kubu Baru.
Malaysia to Singapore by Rail
I took this early morning train to Singapore last week for my second visit to the island nation.
Malacca: A Town Rich in Culture and History
In this short documentary, I explore the culturally and historically rich port after which the St

Once you're in KL, there is a loooong walk to airport from the airplane (if you take AirAsia, and really lax immigration (my guy was on the phone the whole time).

On our way back from Bukit Bintang in the afternoon we went to Central Market, which is a market where you can hopefully work the prices down.


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