Spending hours on public transit, eating from questionable food vendors, staying in grimy hostels- backpacking is dirty.   While on the road, I live in dirty jeans, wrinkled shirts and hide my greasy hair under hats or bandanas.
The holiday season is upon us. Many of your friends are scooting off to exotic countries on the other side of the world, or to visit their relatives and friends in other cities. What are you doing? Sitting at home, moping over the fact that the cost of tickets is high.
Walking outside of the Hostel Tresor
Backpacker on a budget? You’re certainly not going to have a hard time getting by in Ljubljana. The food is incredible and the budget accommodations are endless.
Don't Be Fooled: Saving Money on All Inclusive Trips
When it's getting colder and you're already looking for a place to jet off to, here are a few tip
The Temples of Angkor, Cambodia: Highlighted
You could easily spend a full week exploring all the temples at Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Hey there everyone! Holy moly, I'm about at the 2 month mark until I get back on the road. My grandma is already getting sad about me leaving, but is pretty understanding most of the time... or at least she isn't constantly begging me not to go.

When Evelin said we should do a stop over in Turkey before we headed to Greece, I was reluctant to say the least.

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