It’s never a bad idea to try and properly set your expectations before boarding that plane to wherever. The key word being properly. And scouring the internet does a great job of this, as there are countless articles out there detailing the most excruciating minutia of travel.
Makes no difference whether it’s your first time or your 21st. Those stepping off the plane in Manila often do so with visions of “oh the traveling” they will do, only to be wooed by the neon lights each night.
Panoramic span from the top of the East Wall, Intramuros, the Walled City within Manila.
Local children outside of Manila enjoy playing with bubbles.   Travel photography shared by
Hiking the Taal Volcano
In this episode of Get QiRanger Out There! Jo and I head Cavite, the Philippines.
Walking through Manila's Chinatown
This week on the Walk and Talk we're headed to one of my favorite places in the Philippines - Man

Our latest seven-month round-the-world trip starts with Hawaii, then continues in the Philippines, Bangkok, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Bali, Laos, and who knows where else.

We'll go where the sun is shining and the beach or the mood calls us.


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