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Southeast Asia, a subregion of Asia, is one of the most culturally rich areas of the world, along with incredible natural diversity.

When the purpose of traveling abroad is for humanitarian work, you want a place filled with solitude and nothing more.

If you’ve daydreamed about seeing nothing but the blue horizon in front of you as you tour the world from a yacht or sailboat, then this article is for you.

My Cheesy Goat Farm explores the life of a goat farmer in Bairrao, Portugal.

We learn how Manfred the farmer has established his self sufficient organic farm and how he makes his delicious goats cheese.

Solo travel might not appeal to introverts who assume they’re going to end up feeling bored or lonely.

My Time in Ghana


Volunteering in Africa is a great way to spend a holiday or career break.

So you’ve decided to embark on a volunteer trip. Congratulations!

I travelled to San Juan de Miraflores in Lima, Peru to volunteer in a care home for boys aged 3-18. 

We've been to the Dashain festival in Nepal.

Dashain is the biggest Hindu festival held annualy in Nepal celebrated by the whole country. The fifteen day celebration is timed so that it ends on the day of the full moon.


We've all seen the great pictures of people on their travels playing with monkeys, hugging a lion cub or walking with tigers...
and most of us think "I really want to do that too!!"

In the past decade, a new industry started to emerge.

This new industry is a unique one, as it is a combination of the not-for-profit and the for-profit worlds.

It is also where the lines between “doing good for others” and “profit” get blurry.