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Spain is the perfect travel destination whether you're looking for beautiful landscapes, beaches to chill or cities to discover.

The Malasaña District is one of the greatest areas to live or stay during a vacation in Madrid.  

"Offer for today!!! Take 3 and pay 2!!! Hurry up, we won't be here tomorrow!!!!"
A vendor shouting while showing the items to the public. This is the atmosphere you will find on a Sunday morning at the most relevant flea market in Madrid. 

Have you missed one of Madrid’s most flavorful areas?

Barrio Malasaña, the colorful, cultural neighborhood a short walk from the heart of downtown, Sol.

Madrid is a city fueled by coffee and cañas that never sleeps and never stops eating. 

Planning a trip to Madrid?

Don't miss out on this little gem.... Metro Bistro.

Born in the fifteenth century, El Rastro has been evolving and growing, while its existence has been regulated by the local government.

On the train to Madrid, I decided I would stay there for a little while. I had never been there before and, actually, I was only going for a job interview. So, I guess I had already started my solo adventure although I had no idea.

When I travelled to Madrid recently on a girlie weekend, I'd read an article in the Telegraph just before headin

If you thought Madrid offered a wide range of nightlife fun, then you were wrong.

 It offers a huge range of nightlife fun.  

Veiw from the train ride from Madrid to Valencia.


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Madrid is an incredible city, honestly. After a year living in several Madrid apartments I can tell you that in this city the most bizarre things happened to me.