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Food. My goal number one was to find authentic African cuisine.

Where Theon Greyjoy was baptized

Remember when Theon Greyjoy made is (not so) triumphant return to Pyke in the Iron Islands in Game of Thrones? He sailed up with his men and walked up the very steps pictured here in Ballintoy Harbour, an incredibly picturesque filming location along the coast in Northern Ireland.

Hong Kong is such an amaxing city.

Golden hour or I used to name it Blue Hour is my number one timing to go pictures hunting when travel to a new place, landscape or get in a new beach everywhere I go.

The color the nature gives at this moment is magic!

The Speicherstadt in Hamburg was built from 1883 to 1927 and just got recently (2009) redevoped.

Cesenatico's port canal was surveyed and drawn by Leonardo da Vinci at the request of Cesare Borgia, as part of his plans to fortify the nearby town of Cesena.

Weh Island is the most northwestern island in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Sunda Kelapa Harbour - Jakarta

A nice place to take pictures!


Travel photography shared by djyahud

Memoirs from the land down under. Moments that still linger in my thoughts. With its sparkling harbour waters, cosmopolitan cafe culture and interesting history, I had an exciting time in Sydney and I didn’t want to leave.