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Going green at home is one thing; you pack up the recyclables, put a brick in your toilet, and you figure out how to get solar panels that work well and don’t break the bank.


Camping provides access to beautiful hiking and fishing sports, making it the ideal way to escape from the daily chores so you can unwind and relax.

It is important to keep the environment in mind though.

Take a stroll along the riverside of Oxford University Parks, and you won't be disappointed by the beautiful scenery.

Sonia Gil observes how resourceful and inventive Berliners are when getting around their city on bicycles, and discovers the role of the urban bike as dog-walker, baby stroller and family sedan.

Need a health boost or just an awesome, awesome breakfast?

Go see one of A'dam's Bagels & Beans to start your day.

Sit in the backyard and get a tender touch of the morning sun as you sip your chocola or mochaccino.

I spend a minimum of 200 nights a year in hotels and the Element by Westin is among the best this year.

When I first drove up, I was a bit concerned, the hotel looks like an institute for the criminal or insane. As soon as I walked in I was pleasantly relieved.