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    Travelers visit for finding more advice and to help other travelers to explore the world. Traveldudes offers valuable insider tips to help travelers have a smooth journey as well as find off-the-beaten-path spots. The whole website is build up dynamically. That way, the users have a better usability and it is easier to find what they are looking for.

    Traveldudes are intrepid, educated, socially aware... independent travelers, from backpackers to luxury travelers, travel bloggers and adventurers.

    Many travelers also follow the Traveldudes Twitter page. Having a Peer Index of 69, a Klout Score of above 64, a twitrank of 9/10 and over 145.000 followers with a big increase, shows the quality of the tweets, which travelers read and retweet. That is as well shown in the Tweet AVE of over € 250 per tweet!

    Traveldudes is one of the top 5 Online Influencers and the creator of the Travel Talk on Twitter, which #TTOT hashtag reaches around 2 million users and creates around 25 million impressions every Tuesday.

    Our travelers frequently use the internet as a source of information before or during their travels.

    The english version of Traveldudes started January 2009 and has a huge user increase each month since then.


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