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Hi fellow Travelers and welcome to Traveldudes! - The first Social Travel platform!

I'm sure you've had similar experiences I had whilst traveling. You're in a certain place and a fellow traveler, or a local, tip you off on a little-known beach, bar or accommodation. Great travel tips from other travelers or locals always add something special to our travels. That was the inspiration for Traveldudes.

Traveldudes is a private initiative & doesn't have a big budget like other commercial sites. What Traveldudes provides, are valuable tips, inspiration and advice from travelers based on their first-hand experience.

Traveldudes is a community of travelers whose aim is to assist fellow travelers on their adventures around the world and help enhance their travel experience. Follow Dudes or specific niches (keywords) to get quality travel content listed in your own profile timeline! For Travelers, By Travelers!

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Thanks! Yours Melvin

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Melvin Böcher

Founder, CEO

Love to travel, to discover the world, to travel free & untroubled & still be informed like an insider! Founder of Traveldudes, onlineROIcalculator, COO of iambassador and creater of award winning marketing campaign Blog Ville.


Keith Jenkins


Founder of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog and iambassador.net. Inspired by travel, nature, people, music, sports, architecture, aviation and photography.

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Alastair McKenzie

Publisher Blog/News section

Travel editor/broadcaster/blogger for over a quarter century, social media evangelist, and still eagerly looking for what's coming next!


Bridget Williamson


South African writer and blogger looking for the awesome in travel, food and delicious wine. Collector of passport stamps.


Norbert Figueroa

Social Media Manager

Norbert is an architect who hit the pause button on his career to travel the world indefinitely. His goal is to visit all 195 UN countries.


Ashley Curtin


Soul searcher | World traveler | Wordsmith wannabe in the making | Collector of timeless treasures | Cultural Seeker | Lover of humankind


Mariana Calleja


Traveler. Writer. Doctor. Entrepreneur exploring life on 5 senses. Stimulating mine & inspiring you into yours. Mindful Living


Steve Haenisch

Affiliate Manager

German Travel Videographer and Blogger. Responsible for Information Architecture and Affiliate Marketing here at Traveldudes.


Kristin Addis


Kristin Addis is a former investment banker from California who has been traveling the world solo since 2012 seeking off-beat adventures.


Annalisa Moscatiello


Italian citizien of the wolrd, curious traveller, vegetarian and potential polyglot. A childhood dream? Visit all the UNESCO Heritage sites.