Comprising of Australia, New Zealand and its proximate islands like Fiji, French Polynesia, Samoan Islands and Vanuatu, Oceania is made up of a total of 14 countries.

With a total land area of 9,037,695 sq km, it is home to glistening white beaches, coconut palms, beautiful coral reefs and rugged volcanic islands rising out of the ocean.

Oceania has a vast European influence with New Zealand and Australia being former British colonies and various islands having been annexed by Portugal, Germany, United States and Britain. With these influences, many aspects of Oceania’s culture are infused with both indigenous and European heritage with English being widely spoken and its major religion being Christianity amidst some animistic and spiritual faith that is still practiced till today.

With a sub-tropical climate, the coldest city is known to be Mount Buller in Australia which averages at 5.9°C in a year and the wettest city being Lae City in Papua New Guinea averaging with a 369.4mm rainfall yearly.

Tourism has been a major role in Oceania as the region is known for its serene landscapes, rich marine life and home to the world’s largest coral reef (The Great Barrier Reef).