Slip Slidin' Away - The Toboggan Sled Ride at Montreal en Lumiere

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Researching a recent trip to Montreal, I read about MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE.

Through March 3, the entire city comes alive in celebration of winter, and a festival vibe takes over downtown.

One of the activities I honed in on was the toboggan sled ride.

YES! This is something I wanted to do.

Living in Florida, when else would I have the chance?!

A friend and I waited in line, red plastic sleds in hand. The snow had stopped, and a cold wind blew. The jovial crowd gained enthusiasm as we neared the top. Next up, and butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.

Sled down. Climbed in. Un-deux-trois. "ALLEZ!" Lights flashed from aqua to green to blue to red.

Swish! Zoom! Vroom!

Blurred crowds cheered as I flew by. And in a flash it was over - my first (but hopefully not last!) toboggan sled ride.


Travel photography shared by travlin_girl

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