Dahshur Red Pyramid - The Real Pyramid Experience in Egypt

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If you've been to the Giza and you were not that impressed, give pyramids a second chance:

go to Dahshur, south of Giza, and you'll find 3 more pyramids (actually 2 because one is kinda destroyed). The 2 main pyramids are the so-called Red Pyramid and the bent pyramid (because of its bent sides).


These pyramids are unique for a couple of very important reasons that will make the experience completely different:

- no tourists around (or maybe just a few - not like in Giza)

- the pyramids are not surrounded by buildings like in Giza, but are in the middle of nothing, so the atmosphere is so different!

- no vendors to hassle you

- entrance is way cheaper than in Giza, and entering the Red Pyramid is included (without crowd)

What are you waiting for? Go! 


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