Crazy for Les Miserables in London

Crazy for Les Miserables in London

The world has gone crazy for the movie Les Miserables, so does this mean that the stage version of the show is suffereing?

Not a bit of it.

Everyone is still going crazy for the barricades and the Parisian waif who stares hopefully down Shaftesbury Avenue to the Palace Theatre where she used to live.

Now at the Queen's Theatre this is a smaller, more intimate view  of revolutionary France but no less powerful for that. The singing is arguably better than on the film and the live show brings the audinec onto the barricades in a way that the film cannot hope to do.

So why are hundreds of people hanging around outside the Queen's theatre in London in the photo above? Because they do every night!

Because after 26 or 27 years or whatever it is now Les Miserables is still the most remarkable piece of theatre in London and continues to toip the popularity charts amongst theatregoers all round the world.


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