I was only in Ecuador for 8 days with my cousin who lives in Quito.
Travelling by bus is the most common means of transport in Latin-American among locals and budget-travelers. Sometimes it will become necessary to do something valuable during your arrival at a bus terminal and the arrival of the bus you want to travel with.
Kicker Rock in the Galapagos Islands. Home to lots of sharks!   Extra info from Wikipedia:
Quito offers an extensive menu of options to explore , each with a special charm, you will be amazed to know its well-preserved colonial town.
 Pacto, A Quieter Alternative to Mindo, Ecuador?
In this clip I show you some footage from Pacto, a neat little town between Quito and Mindo.
Ecuador Travel: The Andes Mountains Landscapes
Ever since we arrived in Ecuador five years ago, the Andean landscapes have amazed us.


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