South America is quickly emerging as one of the top destinations to travel to. And after my trip to Colombia, I see why!
Due to connectivity issues getting to Providencia used to be even harder than to getting to San Andres. Nowadays you can get there pretty easily by using one of the 2 airlines that cover that route daily or the catamaran that sails every other day.   By Plane from San Andres
The site is located at Cape dela Vela, La Guajira - Colombia, Sout America. It is a sacred place of the Wayuu indigenous community inhabiting the region.
Colombian Music: Bomba Estereo – The Bad Ass Party
If you plan to travel to Colombia, listen to Bomba Estereo to get an impression of the super-dive

Hidden on a corner of Colombia, a mountain range (and national park) imposes itself atop the world w

We are wanting to share our story of the nightmare we had shipping our beloved camper van across the Darian Gap...

Not to dishearten you, put you off or make you never want to have this experience...


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