Recent developments in the tourism industry have made travelers' lives a lot easier. With the gadget era at our doorstep, the industry has enjoyed the introduction of travel applications, which are aimed to help travelers with a variety of everyday travel needs and challenges.  
  Location: Maranhão, Northeast Brazil.
North East of Brazil is one of the nicest experiences of Brazilian National Parks, in the center of Bahia. The Chapada Diamantina National Park is a 1,520 km² national park in the center of the State of Bahia, which is also refered to as the "Brazilian Grand Canyon".
Tree canopy of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest!
The Best of the Amazon: Beautiful and Wild
Booker's trip to the Brazilian Amazon is beautiful and wild. 
Amazon: Peaceful Thrills - Part Two
A boat trip to the Arapiuns River.

We are 7 months on the road, over 200 days, and that lead us to think on how it is difficult to leave home, the warmth of our home and start travelling.

I’ve been a traveler all my life because my whole family is too.

The endless possibilities for exploration, discovery, and friendship are the precious things you can only get by traveling.


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