If I had a bucket list prepared and well written snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef would most certainly be up there in my top 20 list.

Even though I am a terrible swimmer, who's more likely to be seen drinking a cocktail and reclining in a hammock rather then in the water.

As an American who just traveled to Melbourne, Australia this winter (their summer), I thought I would offer some suggestions on making the most of your trip there, along with more general tips a

Kings Parrots can be found in South Eastern Australia.

This gorgeous bird was in a tree along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Close to the little township of Kennet River where Koalas can be seen naturally in the wild. Glow worms are spotted at night in a nearby reserve too.

As we stepped foot onto Antarctic land for the first time I walked away from the group to the other side of this small, penguin-filled rock of land that we were allowed to explore.

Travel is More than the Seeing of Sights

Filmed across 12 countries over a year and a half by The Perennial Plate, this inspiring video ca

Vanuatu is located in the Pacific Ocean and is known as the Friendly Isles, because that is exactly what it is.

The people are of Melanesian descent and have a very practical approach to life, much like many of the other Pacific Islands.

When you are planning on going on holiday, you may find it easy to simply book your tickets and then go.

However, if you are to have a good time and also plan to keep the costs of travel down, you may need to do more than just pick a location.


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