The Gold Coast is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Queensland, Australia.
Any serious traveler will tell you that having a cozy place to stay, is an essential part of any trip. It will become your own home away from home! After a journey to the famed white sails of Sydney Harbor at the far corner of the globe, a comfy room becomes more than just a necessity.
Tasmania is beautiful any time of year, but it is having a particularly dry and bright spring this year.
Spectacular columnar jointed dolerite rock pillars at the southern tip of Tasmania, Australia: The bottom of the world!

Last weekend Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, brought one of its greatest food festivals, Good Food Month, to a close.

When you are planning on going on holiday, you may find it easy to simply book your tickets and then go.

However, if you are to have a good time and also plan to keep the costs of travel down, you may need to do more than just pick a location.


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