It's as mesmerizing as it is beautiful. The scenery, the nature, the calmness of the river and the mighty Indian Ocean all rolled into one.
Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef may get all the press, but the opera house and Nemo aren’t the only things that will surprise in Australia, and that’s why a look at the other half is exactly what every Oz lover needs.
It takes quite a bit of effort to get to Exmouth, Western Australia. But oh, is it worth it. The gorgeous, secluded beaches and sparkling, clear blue Indian Ocean are a draw on their own, but it's what you see once you're in the water that really sets this place apart.
Niki and I took this photo in Kalgoorlie on our recent trip from Perth to Melbourne. The 'Super Pit' is the largest open pit in Australia and truly is a sight to behold!

West Australia

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