Driving from Los Angeles to Ojai surrounded by peaked mountains and palm trees is the epitome of a weekend escape. West Ojai Avenue is the gateway into "Shangri-La," the healthy, spiritual alternative to L.A.'s concrete jungle.

Learning the ways of a western cowboy is a "must do" on many a traveller's bucket list, ranch stays giving city slickers an authentic taster of historic North America.

Volcano Masaya

Towards the end of 2014 I travelled around Central America. One of the most amazing countries for me, was Nicaragua.

Old Cars of Cuba

Cuba - A Vintage Car Lovers Dream!

If you find yourself traveling the beautiful island of Cuba in the Caribbean, then one of things that will amaze you are the number of old vintage cars from North America.

How to Pack Your Bag: Safe Space with this Rolling Technique

I'm not a fan of any army, but if there is something they do well, then it's rolling t-shirts!

San Francisco: Sights And Sounds

A little rain never hurt anyone.

I've been to California many many times, but it wasn't until I explicitly planned to go to Yosemite that it happened.  

I'm heading to Montreal in Canada!

It's just around 6 hours by plane from Europe, which makes it closer than a drive to the Alps for me, living in Cologne (Germany).

North America

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