New York City is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and between the international travelers, American tourists and local New Yorker's, the city gets crowded.
New York is well-known for its nightlife, shoreline parties and numerous different events always on the go. This is a city that never sleeps (or even dozes).
New York's Observation Deck - Empire State Building, USA. Plataforma de observación del Empire State Building, New York, USA.
Grand Central Station in New York City is quite the sight!
New York City: Wait or Run
The typical New Yorker seems to never be strolling.
New York City - Timelapse - Tilt Shift Video
NEW YORK - Time Lapse - Tilt Shift - Scales by Fernando Livschitz

Grand Central Terminal was on my 'to do' list for my visit to New York. 

This place absolutely beautiful and stunning!

The masterful sky ceiling, a brilliant greenish blue and every corner of this place reminds you of your fave movies and TV serial.

New York

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