If your kids are anything like ours then animals come high on the family wish list when planning a holiday.
Prior to planning a journey from Panama to Columbia, I had no clue that the Darien Gap even existed.
This is one of nearly 400 islands of the San Blas archipelago, also known as the Kuna Yala peninsula after the Kuna Indians who inhabit just under 50 of them. 
HDR of one of the most pristine beaches on earth: Zapatilla Caye (Cayo Zapatilla), Panama.  
Volunteering in Boquete - Panama - Fooling Around and Football
In this episode, I'm in Boquete, fooling around at "work" and watching Champions league finale.

Just to give you a small amount of background information before we launch into this assault on shipping the Darian Gap.

Some questions may arise otherwise...such as, why do Alex and Gaby have full facial and body tattoos?

Hi Everyone,

When I tell people we are heading south during the winter, most people seem to assume something like Mexico.

Well, we are going to Panama just for that reason!


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